Welcome to Black Feminists, an online resource for black feminists descended from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the original inhabitants of Australasia and North America.

Black Feminists has decided to take the leap and go from being a blog to a fully functioning online resource and hub for all black feminists. We are still in the development stages and as you can see a lot of pages are not finished at the moment. Over the next couple of months we are hoping to create an online community page for black feminists to chat, set up our own merchandise, collate all of the feminist events happening in the UK and overseas and much more.

If you’d like to learn more about Black Feminists and what we do please contact us via our contact page and visit our blog for daily black feminist view points.

11 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m confused, How can you talk about racism in one post yet call yourselves “Black Feminists”, One, you’re deciding to segregate yourselves off from white women who champion the feminist cause too, which in reality is no different than the whole black segregation in America, you just believe you can get away with it because you see yourself as a victim, but i really doubt in todays world and in your lifetime you have experienced real racism, infact i’d say your colour has opened more doors for you than they have shut, i’ll remind you that barack obama was elected by 94% of african americans. Two i’ll also say the same thing about feminism. if you really want to stand for something and for equality you can’t single yourself out and simply add to the race and sex divide, yet point out and attack people for doing the very same. fight racism, fight inaquality of course but don’t be as blind to add to it at the same time.

  2. I’m confused too. I happened upon this site and this comment by accident but felt compelled to reply. A large component of your criticism seems to be based on the idea that this blog’s contributors haven’t experienced “real racism”. This begs the question: What is real racism? If by real racism you mean cross burnings, lynchings and water hoses, then surely you could be correct. But racism and discrimination extend way beyond that. Across the globe the colour of one’s skin has a significant impact on access to jobs, education and health care. The assertion that “your colour has opened more doors for you than they shut” would be comical if the real world consequences of this belief weren’t so dangerous. And just how Barack Obama’s re-election with 94% African-American is relevant to what I think you’re trying to express escapes me.

  3. I have to say this is an interesting conversation. I understand both view points; however, I don’t agree that the primary reason for the messages presented here or in the label “black feminist” is to separate from the full feminist movement, though I can see how it does. I believe that although a collective stride in the feminist movement is great, society is more likely to make concessions towards feminism for caucasian women rather than black women. I do not see black women as playing the victim because it seems like everywhere you can clearly see how they are not valued as much as caucasian women in society. Take sexuality for instance. When it comes to the image of purity, the image is a caucasian woman. It’s as if black women are automatically impure. Now I want to make clear that I am not asserting that I even believe in the concept of purity or its relation to virginity, but I do find it odd that there is no diversity in its image according to conservative perspective. Discrimination and racism is not dead. Are black women being lynched? No. But do they sometimes have too many extra eyes on them at the luxury store and get constantly asked “Do need any help?” Yes. I’m suggesting that many store clerks assume black women come into their stores with no intention of buying anything and/or are going to steal something. I am not asserting that all luxury stores do this, however I have observed this on multiple occasions. Perhaps it’s reading too much into things, but there are certain things and behaviors people present toward black women that would be seen as unacceptable or peculiar towards caucasian women. People are more likely to support or give concessions to people who look like them. And I’m sorry( I’m not sorry), but it is no secret that most power is in the hands caucasian males and females.

  4. Ashton, your response would’ve been more powerful if you would’ve had correct punctiation. You have two periods in the entire thing and one is at the very end. If you’re going to try to make a point, please look educated! Im just saying… But the entire thing is a joke. Black people scream about racism but they have black feminist, black history month, black pagents – white people don’t have their own month, or pagents that exclude other races. Double Standards much?

  5. Hi stellagothergrooveback,

    Do you mean ‘punctuation’? Just wondering, seeing as we are attempting to humiliate each other…. For the record, that is absolutely not what this movement is about.

    Taken to its logical end, you appear to oppose people organising in groups. That’s just weird. That would mean there should be no such thing as the American ‘anything’, British ‘anything’, Men’s ‘anything’, Women’s ‘anything’, Children’s ‘anything’ and on and on. People would have to go around literally only agitating for themselves. What kind of world are you prescribing for us?

    But, the truth is that you do understand the need for minority groups to organise, you just don’t like it. I don’t know why, and I don’t care. I think you are just being antagonistic because you’re bored. Or boring.

    Same difference. Go away. The world has left your kind of viewpoint way behind. It’s amazing people like you still exist. In fact, your point is such a very stupid one, that I can hardly believe you actually give it any credence. Do you know, no matter what you say, I simply will not believe you are as stupid as you seem. I’m going to give you that credit, though you possibly don’t deserve it.

    Oh, and just in case you spot any typos in this message, just to let you know in advance, I’m not even bothering to read over this message to check, because I don’t respect you enough to do that.

  6. My due respect to the organising members.Its a one big step again for those who had been victim and hope that it meet to those who are in need from such oppression.
    Hardship , opression ,racism ,injustice in social ,economy and in political life is what the Black Feminist had face ,since its initially start from Africa by the black women.
    But here again it seem to be a repeating history after reading through all other post. Why i said is that bcoz, since from the initial the Liberal Feminist ( also identified as White European feminist or Middle class feminist ) had failed to understand the sentiment, the social injustice ,etc face by the black feminist.For this the Black Feminist took its birth.And today also there seem to be people who still fail to understand the objective of the organisation.
    What Ashton had said may be right or wrong. Well its his/ her view point. This is not meant for segregatinng from the society or is not meAnt to increase the feeling of being victim of racism . Infact its for seeking social,political and economic justice.” Today world ” , it made me laugh when you say that even in todAy world people still exist who felt victims of being racism.Indeed, can u justified in what u said ?Infact, there r several thousand or a million who r in hopping of getting there right.
    Ashton, infact i even doubt you that you does not live to the modern world for what u said today world. If so ,why do still have your religious domination, why do you still belong to one paticular commuinity,etc. why is it there various organisation around the world? etc, etc. Well one can ask several such question.
    I hope that the organising member of thise site would continue and meet to those who r in need, n hope ur site prosper.
    To Ashton.
    Any way, m not a female and m not black came.May b i would ve feel the same as u said. I came to realize after my friends made a victims and humiliate her due to her color. After this incident i become eager to kn or ask myself a question ,is it not there some way to inform people how it feel being humilate ( any kind of oppression). Hope you too would spread and help out or save those who r going to b being victim ditectly or indirectly.

  7. The Feminine is the strongest energy on the planet and the universe. We are entering a new age were the feminist on this planet will come together like nothing the world has seen before. The black feminist holds the keys to reopen the locked doors within us. The Key is our minds comng together as one united body. It is time for us to come together and rebuild what has been torn down, what has been wounded within us and outside of us. We are the earth, the world, and the universe. There is a powerful energy within us that nothing on this planet can stop from moving. The black feminist is like a mighty river, once we start moving, nothing can stand in our way. It is not the black man that they fear, it is the black feminist. Let us not buy into the distraction that is placed in front of us that stagnate our movement. But let us focus on the movement that moves us from within outward. Let us not pear through a glass darkly. Vision is reflected light from within, not outward. Don’t be disstracted by the false image. The black feminist is the real light that has always been reflective. Be a river ( Nile) and nothing can stand in your way. Peace, Love and Unity

  8. I’ve worked in the domestic violence and sexual assault field for five years. I had know idea that Black Feminism was a separate entity from the mainstream Feminist movement and the Liberation movement of black people, mainly focusing on black men. Frustration led me to research black feminism and I’m hooked because this has been my life, practice, and work I believe in personally and professionally. I understand now the source of my frustration and I no longer feel I’m the issue. Racism truly exist in he mainstream women’s movement and white feminism. Our experiences are polar opposites to one another although there may be a few parallels. It’s no wonder it seems that survivors in the urban community I work in cannot relate to the model I’ve been taught to utilize in my practice. It’s not authentic for me or hem and I feel it daily. I just didn’t have the language for it. Now I do. I believe again and thank you! This were I belong and I would like more information.

  9. Let us get one thing straight. Given the exclusion of Blacks as well as other people of color from mainstream or White American society, these groups came to found their own separate organizations and entities to address issues that directly affect their communities at large. In many cases during the Feminist Movement, Latinos as well as Blacks found themselves being pushed out of the decision making process by White women. The issues and concerns of their communities were not addressed because the White community did not understand how the intersection of these women’s race and gender affected their experiences and outlooks. For many women of color we identify ourselves in terms of our race and gender because our experiences have been shaped by both. While a white women may face discrimination for her gender a woman of color faces dual discrimination based upon both her race and gender. And for those who may disagree follow the history and plight of women during WWII. This concept of “Rosie the Riveter” paved the way for many women of all shades to enter the workforce but still there were instances in which white women refused to share the same space as their counterparts. Now why is this so if we are claiming that we all face the same struggle? Perhaps there are some white women who have come to internalize the privileges that are allotted to them based upon their race even if they themselves face discrimination based upon their gender. One need only to assess the pyramid of petty tyrants in which we find ourselves privileged on one hand and yet discriminated against on the other hand. And this reaches beyond simply race and gender and filters into other identities as well such as sexual orientation, religion, SES, etc. As for the claim that white Americans do not have their own month and the argument about double standards within our society please do yourself a favor and stop complaining about how groups that have faced so much oppression within the course of America’s history would like one month to celebrate the achievements of their peoples that is so seldom discussed in history books, etc. Throughout the course of our education especially in elementary school we are expected to learn of the conquerors history, or that of the white man. We discuss the Founding Fathers, how Lincoln “freed the slaves”, the Constitution where dare I say all MEN were created equal. The Constitution that was written some centuries ago with no intention of including blacks, browns, etc as equal within the eyes of the white man’s law and yet you have the audacity to complain that their is nothing for the white person. You need only open a book or better yet open your eyes and see what is in plain sight. But we will each see the world in our own way based upon our experiences which perhaps limits some of our abilities to see the injustices that lie beyond our own identities and communities.

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